How to Hire a Ghostwriter

The trek of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and the first step of your writing journey is to contact me. I have guided other people on this road, and I can help you get to where you want to go.

I am committed to helping people who are serious about telling their stories in a meaningful way. When you hire me, you will work with an experienced, award-winning writer who will give you personal service, create professional results, and help you write a powerful manuscript.

You and I will work together and weave your ideas into a great read. When we are done, you will own a world-class manuscript that tells your story and shares your message.

Start writing your book by contacting me today. I'm used to dealing with people living in time zones around the globe, so feel free to reach out to me at your convenience, regardless of the time. My office is open 24/7. 

I currently have offices in Oklahoma City, OK, Vancouver, WA, and St. Michael, Barbados. Please contact me to see which office is the best mailing address.

Telephone: (
405) 210-3510
Twitter: @WalterBJenkins
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