how much does it cost to Hire a ghostwriter?

  Hiring a writer/ghostwriter doesn't have to be difficult. I can give you the information you need to make the right decision

You might have questions, such as: "How do I start?" "How much does it cost?" "Can you describe your process?" "If I hire you, will the book still have my voice?"  

Here are answers to questions like that and a few others my clients have asked:

I don't live near you. Can you still help me write my book?

Yes. I have helped people on three continents write books. Distance is not an issue. As long as we communicate on a regular basis (at least once a week), I can work with you and help turn your idea into a great book. We can visit in person (if you are close enough), over the telephone, via Skype or FaceTime, via e-mail, or even by instant messaging.

Can you help research my book?

Yes. I am a very thorough researcher. It is one of my strengths. I don't leave any stone unturned when I research one of my projects.

Will you travel if necessary to help me write my book?

Yes. I will travel as needed for interviews, research, and to work with you in person. However, you would be responsible for any reasonable travel related expenses, such as airfare, hotel, and a per diem.

Can you describe your process?

When I write for someone, it is a very collaborative experience. I work "with" people more than I work "for" them. I begin each project by interviewing my client and anyone who can shed light on the assignment. Then I review any relevant documents and do any necessary research. Once I have an idea of what my client wants, I start writing. I submit new material to the client before our next meeting, which he reviews and tells me what he likes and doesn't like. From that input, I learn what the client wants and doesn't want in terms of style, structure, and content. I also learn how we will work together and how I can best serve him. After a few meetings, the work begins to flow.

Can you describe your writing style?

My writing style will vary to meet your needs. When I am hired to write for someone, I adjust my tone and structure to match the client's voice. If you read several of my books back-to-back, you will see the style differs from book to book. That being said, I believe writing should be clear and concise.

How long does it take to write a book?

It normally takes six to eight months to complete a manuscript, depending on your availability and the subject matter. I only work on one or two writing ventures at a time, and this allows me to focus all of my talent, skill, and energy. I am fortunate to be a full-time professional writer, and I don't have to schedule my writing around any other professional commitments. This speeds the process.

How much does it cost to hire a ghostwriter?

Each project is unique, and many factors can impact the cost. How much research is involved? What type of book is it? Is there a deadline? Has any work been done on the project or are we starting from scratch? The best way to learn about my fees is to contact me and discuss how we can put your ideas on paper and get your book published.

What should I look for in a professional writer?

Experience matters. Make sure the writer you hire has enough experience to demonstrate he can complete your book on time and that the final product will reflect your vision. Also, writing a book can be a very emotional experience. You will be working closely with someone for months. Hire someone you connect with and trust.

How can I start creating my book?

Record your thoughts when they come to you. Keep a pen and paper or digital recorder with you and when something inspires you, make a note of it. When you and I start working on your project, we will review that material. It will be a great starting point. Contact me when you are ready to take your notes and thoughts and turn them into a world-class manuscript.

Do you have a question about my writing services? Contact me and we can discuss how I can help turn your idea or story into the great manuscript you deserve.

 I am happy to answer any questions you have. Contact me and I will give you the information you need.